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OOSTENDE-BRUGES AIRPORT The airport specialises in freight cargo transport. Oostende-Bruges airport is located in the north of Belgium, in the heart of the city of Ostend, in the Flemish region.

From the seaside, it is close to the Netherlands.

During the summer period, it is widely used by the charter flights of two large Belgian companies, in the direction of tourist resorts of the Mediterranean basin and the Canary Islands, especially towards the direction of the countries: Spain and Greece.

Easily accessible by different highways they appreciate the fact that they do not have to endure the long waiting lines for recording and the speed of different formalities. Families ideally use the airport for departure to the sunny side of the country. They appreciate not waiting in long queues at the check-in point as well as the speedy service of the different formalities.


Airport offers an a la carte, succulent restaurant called "Belair", do not delay to have a drink and enjoy a family gathering. It is not necessary to have hotel in the airport because it is situated in middle of the city, Oostende is a renowned seaside resort, very popular with Belgians and appreciated, many places of accommodation will open their doors to you. And Bruges, is a town with a rich heritage, only about 25 kilometres away, a true cultural destination for history lovers.

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