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ANTWERPIt is easy to begin our presentation by praising the city's diamond economy.

In fact, Antwerp is the world's number one diamond trader with no fewer than four trading grants!

Heir to ancestral know-how, the city does not forget to show creativity and modernity in the matter.

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Antwerp is already looking to the future and constantly evolving with its new technology companies and the installation of numerous start-ups.

Old Antwerp is a wonder that has preserved its streets and monuments of epochs. Do not miss the Grand Palace masterpiece of Baroque art.

The city has the only UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Plantin-Moretus Museum and its zoo has been declared a cultural heritage.

Antwerp is the home of the old and new arts. Amateurs will stroll through the many art galleries and exciting museums. It is understandable why Antwerp received the "Golden Apple" which rewards the best tourist city in Europe.

Nevertheless, Antwerp has become a trendy city and welcomes a multitude of fashion designers as well as several theatres where creativity is queen.

The numerous restaurants(13 starred), and bars are popular places. During your visits, you will relax in charming cafés with convivial terraces. The Cosmopolitan city speaks all languages, you will meet people from all over the world.

More than 150 hotels of all categories host travellers and business visitors.

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