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BrusselsBrussels is not only the capital of Belgium but also the capital of Europe.

It is an attractive hub for both tourism and business, indeed many companies and international corporations have established themselves there - because Brussels is the place to be!

Headquarters of the major European institution, NATO, Brussels is also an international financial centre. More over, taking advantage of the fairly flexible economic infrastructures, it adapts to those major issues that shape our future.

Like any major metropolis, its streets are very busy and negotiating this traffic can be both difficult and stressful. Finding a taxi in Brussels may be time-consuming and frustrating.


However getting around the city will not be a problem for you when you use our luxury taxi service. All you need to do is make a simple online booking on our VTC Brussels website.

You will then be able to welcome your customers or economic partners with the ultimate convenience and comfort. With our respect for schedules and deadlines, as well as the high quality of our vehicles, the image of your company is already reflected in the choice of transport that you make available to your visitors. We work with private drivers who carry out their allotted tasks with extreme professionalism.

Are you on a sightseeing tour of our beautiful capital?
Then you must take a walk on the Grand Place, whose buildings are listed as UNESCO World Heritage and are a marvel to behold!

As a city of art-deco architects, surrealist painters, comics, fashion and design, there is so much to do and see in Brussels. Therefore a private taxi is the ideal way for you to get around quickly and conveniently. It would be such a pity to waste your valuable time trying to find your way!

Let's not forget that Brussels, being also a gastronomic and festive city, is always lively. You will certainly enjoy its famous Rue des Bouchers, or one of its typical neighbourhoods that reflect the good life - and after you have experienced a great evening, your private driver will chauffeur you home safely.

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