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CourtraiFormerly a large textile-based industrial site, Kortrijk has since been converted into the tertiary sector (shops, transport, finance, services and administrations, etc.).

Despite its cross-border situation, it has created, with the cities of Tournai and Lille in France, the first euro district that promotes cooperation between their territories.

With a privileged location, Kortrijk is an important crossroads of the great European routes. Recent works on the Lys permit the river link between the Seine and the Scheldt by larger boats

The rehabilitation of its districts allowed to restore a modern face to the city. Its central location obviously attracts commercial activities, which is very developed in the city and in the outskirts. In addition, a large pedestrian zone in the city centre attracts barges and walkers of all sides.


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Easily accessible by motorway and railway, Kortrijk even has a marina in its centre.

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From the touristic point of view, Kortrijk has some essential places of architecture. Its belfry is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Museums, mills will open their doors to you, and you can stroll in the famous International Garden of the Roses.

Numerous festivities are organized each year, which makes the city cheerful and lively.

Hotels, B & Bs and cottages will shelter you during your stay. On the gastronomy side, Kortrijk has two Michelin-starred establishments, numerous bistros and

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