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Ostend :Ostend is a popular seaside resort of the Belgians and the English, it is nicknamed "The Queen of the beaches".

A charming tourist town, where you will enjoy walking along its beaches and venturing on its tram that runs along the picturesque coast.

On the shopping side, the shops are open on Sundays. What about a lunch break in one of the many restaurants where you can enjoy delicious seafood. VTC Belgium will provide you with a taxi service, inexpensive but luxurious.

Ostend has a great vibe for fishing and plays an important role in the arrival of sea products. A transport of passenger ships and cargo ships completes this essential economic activity.


An agricultural and horticultural activity has developed on the outskirts of the city and the surrounding municipalities.

Fancy artistic discoveries? Ostend is the city of famous painters such as James Ensor, whose house was rehabilitated as a museum, more contemporary is, Roa (street art) and Luc Tuymans. Many exhibitions are presented throughout the year and art galleries are ready to welcome you in town.

You will like to visit the historical highlights of Ostend: Fort Napoleon, the Mercator (former naval officer's school ship), the Sea Museum and the Museum of the Atlantic Wall.

Since the city is a tourist attraction, places to stay are not lacking. When visiting Ostend, our company VTC Belgium will be at your service as soon as you arrive at the airport or your descent off the train. Remember to book your luxury car hire online, as soon as you get settled in, the holidays will begin!

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